MIS 2015

Mathematics In Savoie 2015

15-18 June 2015

Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, Le Bourget du Lac, France

Lac du Bourget-du-lac

Evolution Equations : long time behavior and control

Most physical phenomena are governed by evolution partial differential equations. Knowing the initial state of the system, then the system is completely determined at any time. The asymptotic behavior as time tends to infinity consists in determining the system states in which he finds himself: states of equilibrium, periodic states or explosion in finite or infinite time ... But also, it is important to determine what is the speed of convergence towards the time : exponential, polynomial ... Similarly, the engineers often have constraints to bring the system to a predetermined state. For this, by adding a control to the system, it is possible that the system will be in the defined state.

The summer school consists in There are no fees for people attending the workshop and the lunch meals are taken in charge by the organization. The inscription is mandatory.

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