Meeting T12 – LIGM

The third meeting of CoMeDiC project will take place on December 13rd and 14th  2016 at LIGM.

  • Talks (Tuesday)
    • MF: Image Restoration and Segmentation using the Ambrosio-Tortorelli Functiional and Discrete Calculus
    • TC: Heat-Kernel Laplace-Beltrami operator for digital surfaces
  • Talks (Wednesday)
    • YG: Around lonely runner conjecture
    • PG: Normal Vector Field Approximation and  Surface Regularization
    • LN: Power Watershed, Gamma convergence et spectral clustering
  • PhD Thesis of N. Boutry: A study of well-composedness in nD
  • Workgroups

Meeting T6 – LAMA

The second meeting of CoMeDiC project will take place on March 30th and 31st 2016. Schedule :

  • Talks
    • HT: discrete variational methods in image analysis
    • DC: digital geometric estimators
    • JOL: Properties of Gauss digitization and digital surface integrals
    • TC: toward a digital Laplacian
  • Workgroups

Meeting T0 – LIRIS

The first meeting of CoMeDiC project will take place on Decembre 17th 2015 at LIRIS. Schedule :

  • Starter :
    • 9h15-9h30: welcome / coffee break
    • 9h30-9h50: (JOL) general presentation + kick-start ANR
    • 9h50-10h20: brief presentation of tasks JOL,EO, DC, HT)
  • Talks:
    • PR: principles of discrete differential calculus
    • YG: around polynomial approximations
    • EO: around variational problems (Steiner)
  • Workgroups