Meeting T18 – LAMA

The fourth meeting of CoMeDiC project took place from June 12th to June 16th 2017 at Escandille (Autrans). Some talks were planned but mostly a lot of time was alloted for group works and discussions.

  • Talks
    • P. Romon (with B. Thibert and J.-O. Lachaud):¬†Grassmanian currents and Lipschitz-Killing forms for curvature estimation on digital surfaces.
    • D. Martins Antunes: Study of Energy minimizing techniques with curvature priors in image segmentation.
    • D. Bucur (with B. Bogosel and I. Fragal√†): Phase field approach to optimal packing problems and related Cheeger clusters
    • J.-O. Lachaud: Discrete calculus on digital surfaces with non-diagonal Hodge star
    • T. Roussillon: Laplacian operator on digital contours in linear time
    • P. Gueth (with D. Coeurjolly and J.-O. Lachaud): Digital surface regularization by normal vector field alignment
    • T. Caissard (with D. Coeurjolly and J.-O. Lachaud and T. Roussillon): Heat kernel Laplace-Beltrami operator on digital surfaces
    • D. Coeurjolly: Automatic differentiation
    • B. Thibert: Geometric inference, distance functions, normal cycle
    • B. Velichkov: Honeycomb conjectures on convex sets