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News !

    The PERSYVAL LabEx and the MSTIC pole organize a scientific day on Thursday, the 16th of january 2020. This day will provide the opportunity to show some results before begining Persyval-2. One can find the complete program and the inscription form (before 01/09/2020) on this page: Day_MSTIC-PERSY.

  • JEARA 2019
    JEARA will be organized by LAMA Labs this year and will be held in Université Savoie Mont Blanc, in Bourget du Lac the 7th and 8th of November 2019. More information and registration are available on the website of the JEARA. Speakers are:
    Nicolas BESSET
    IF, Grenoble
    ICJ, Saint-Etienne
    UMPA, ENS Lyon
    Jean-François BOUGRON
    IF, Grenoble
    Arnaud MUNCH
    LMBP, Clermont-Ferrand
    ICJ, Lyon
    Dorin BUCUR
    LAMA, Chambéry
    Florian PATOUT
    LAMA, Chambéry
    Simon SANTOSO
    LJK, Grenoble
    Emmanuelle CREPEAU
    LJK, Grenoble
    Tran Duc Minh PHAN
    LMPB, Clermont-Ferrand
    Raphaël WINTER
    UMPA, ENS Lyon
    The program can be consulted here.

  • 2019-2020 : the year of mathematics
    Following a proposition of the CNRS, the Ministry of National Education declared the year 2019-2020, year of mathematics.
    You can find on the web site Année des mathématiques, some special related events.

  • You can find older archives on this page.
  • (Co-)organized manifestions by LAMA members

Next seminars

LAMAThursday 20th February 2020 à 14h Paolo Salani (Univ Firenze, Italy),
Geometric-Analityc inequalities (and applications to PDEs)

EDPs²Friday 31st January 2020 à 14h Marco Picasso (EPFL, Laussane),
Eléments finis anisotropes

LIMDThursday 30th January 2020 à 10h Luc Pellissier (Inria et LIX),

LaboThursday 20th February 2020 à 14h Paolo Salani (Univ Firenze, Italy),
Geometric-Analityc inequalities (and applications to PDEs)

CMIThursday 23rd January 2020 à 13h, Amphi Nivolet Romain Joly (Institut Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes),
Les oscillations de Joseph Fourier

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