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News !

  • Covid-19

    Covid-19 dispositive in Lama Lab follows the rules given by USMB and Ministry for Education and Research. This access to the Lab is very restricted. Scientif activities such as regular seminars are temporarily suspended. USMB special rules and many others informations can be consulted on the dedicated page.

    Rules to be followed (click to enlarge):

  • Conférence BSDE 2020

    In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers of the BSDE 2020 colloquium, Philippe Briand, Paul-Eric Chaudru de Raynal et Céline Labart took the decision to postpone this colloquium to 2021, at similar dates. This symposium, embedded in a symposium cycle organized every three years about BSDEs and Mean Field Systems, can't be satisfactorily organized for the moment. Practical informations on the conference website.


    The PERSYVAL LabEx and the MSTIC pole organize a scientific day on Thursday, the 16th of january 2020. This day will provide the opportunity to show some results before begining Persyval-2. One can find the complete program and the inscription form (before 01/09/2020) on this page: Day_MSTIC-PERSY.

  • 2019-2020 : the year of mathematics
    Following a proposition of the CNRS, the Ministry of National Education declared the year 2019-2020, year of mathematics.
    You can find on the web site Année des mathématiques, some special related events.

  • You can find older archives on this page.
  • (Co-)organized manifestions by LAMA members

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EDPs²Friday 16th October 2020 à 14h Marielle Simon (Inria (Lille)),
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